Spring Harvest 2015 report

We had a fab time at Spring Harvest Minehead 2 over the Easter weekend.  It is always a great place to engage with God as a family.  This year we had the privilege of leading worship for the 5-7 year-olds in the morning (singing, among other things, Words Are Not Enough by BIG Ministries).  We also led some all-age sessions in the afternoon;

In the evenings we hosted the Hub Alternative Celebration, with worship leader Sue Rinaldi and our buddies from the Bless Network being creative.  Each night we used an opening/closing prayer, paraphrased from Eph 3:14-21 and available here.  We also did a creative response on the first night, which involved groups discussing highs and lows of the last year, and also what they wanted to get from Spring Harvest this year.  They wrote these on pieces of cellophane and tissue paper, and then brought them to a light-box at the front where they were collaged together.  Over the other nights this collage was adapted -it became the hands of God and Adam on night two, then became a tree for night three, and on the final day had green leaves (as this was Resurrection Sunday).  You can see some pics of this below.

Creative content also came from Spoken-Word ninjas Dai Woolridge and Peter Nevland - it is definitly worth checking both of these fellas out!

Creative response night 1.

Bursting with life on night 4.

Sue and band rock out.

Peter Nevland does the Psalms like nobody else.


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Posted: 24 Feb 2015 09:16

We had a fantastic time at the Engage Worship Day on the 21st of February. Leaders, volunteers and guests all contributed to a restful and nourishing time. Read the full report here. The pictures below are from the prayer stations.

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 09:13

We're really excited about the Engage Worship Day for 2015 happening on the 21st Feb in Luton!  Here's a little teaser promo you can share: <br> Our theme will help us strip away some of the good-but-not-essential elements which crowd in on our church services, and focus us on the heart of worship.  We'll be exploring simplicity, reflection and sustainability in worship ministry.  The afternoon workshops are very practical, covering all the instruments and also issues of planning and leading worship.  Plus the main auditorium will be left as a quiet, reflective space, for those who want to treat the day more...

Posted: 07 Nov 2014 09:35

It is a busy time of year for those of us involved in worship planning!  But we're here to help with a bunch of ideas, music and visuals to add a fresh creative touch to your services and celebrations.  First place to start is using our Theme search to look at Advent and Christmas themed material. RESOUNDworship.org Christmas Songs This songwriting group which Sam is involved in has recently released a CD of all its Christmas material.  Beautifully arranged and produced without a jingle bell or a rocked-up carol in sight!  You can buy the CD from the RESOUNDworship.org site, and get...

Posted: 06 Oct 2014 09:02

We're really excited about our 'Engage with God' Family Advent Creative Journal!  It aims to help all the family engage with the themes of Advent and Christmas through creative ideas and interactive worship. It was sent to some experts in family ministry, and we've had some great feedback including this from Martin Saunders (Youthscape, former editor of Childrenswork mag): "I love this idea - a practical way for families to explore and deepen faith together.  Clever ideas, engaging design - and some genuine depth.  I've never seen anything like it!"    We're doing a fantastic bargain-deal for buying in bulk, so do check...

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 10:27

We've just returned from teaching at the first week-long Albanian School of Worship.  This was brilliantly organised by Beni and Irma Xhako, and was a real joy to be part of!  We had the privilege of working with over 20 students, ages ranging between 16-45.  We taught a range of material, including stuff from our book How Would Jesus Lead Worship, Bible-based subjects we would usually do at a church training day, plus practical things such as guitar and voice sessions, band rehearsal skills and songwriting. We've written some reflections which you can read here, based on our experiences and thoughts.  Here we...

Engage With God DVD
Engaging with the Bible as a Family
Bible Refs: Deut 6:6-9
At Spring Harvest 2015 we did a session on Engaging with the Bible as a Family.  Below are the slides and some fuller notes and references to other resources. We began...
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