Engage with God DVD five star review

We're thrilled that Youthwork Magazine's reviewer (Gemma Wilkinson, a full-time youthworker in Newbury) gave our Engage with God DVD a five star review!  She starts by saying that she was a bit disappointed to get this in the post as her previous experiences of this kind of resource has left her, and her young people "bored, embarrassed, or distracted.  However," she continues, "I was in for a wonderful surprise."

"Far from being boring, the videos are well paced and engaging.  The content varies widely between movies, including a mixture of song, scriptre, reflection, Lectio Divina and spoken responses.  Each video captured my attention and focus, drawing me into spending that time with God.

"All of the movies are visually beautiful.  Rather than cringing I found myself wanting to re-watch my favourite sections.  Even the questions and spoken response times, which I have found to have the potential, if mistimed, to be embarrassing, are well managed.  Each text to be read aloud is indicated clearly.  Also the use of 'countdown dots', which signal the closing of each section of reflection, are simple touches which increase the usability of the resource.  The topics are modern and distinctive.  They range from exploring who God is, to world justice.  For me this means I can use the movies in a variety of different settings and within the different traditions my church represents.  Ther is something here to engage those looking fo a modern worship film and those seeking a more traditional reflection.

"The simple 'how to' guide in the cover gives sensible advice and I would echo its suggestion of watching the movies before using them with a group.  But after viewing the movies you have an engaging worship time ready to go, that requires little preparation.  Because each movie is broken down into shorter mini-movies you hav use elements of the larger movies selectively and in different ways. 

"The pacacking here undersells how good and usable this DVD resource really is.  My only concern is for young people who struggle to read as there is a lot of text used in all the movies.  Although the use of pictures and songs meant that even a young person with low literacy levels would still get something from the experience.  This is one of the few resources that can bridge the gap between young people and adults as it is so very versatile.  I already have plans to use this DVD with both my youth group and my home group: I am very much looking forward to doing so!"

 Thanks to Gemma for an honest and encouraging review (the things about lots of words is a fair point), and to Youthwork Mag for letting us reproduce the text here.  You can order the DVD from our store, or download some of the mini-movies individually.  

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Posted: 16 Feb 2014 19:38

The Engage Worship Day on 15th Feb was a blast!  300 people decended on Luton for a day of exploring the theme 'engaging EVERYONE in worship'.  Some highlights for me included: the whole congregation doing sign language along to Come You Thankful People; the Junk Tank percussion group, choir and orchestra making a joyful noise; a group of children who spontaniously began praying for healing for one lad; the BIG Ministries team making us laugh and think with their sketches; the whole range of ages,...

Posted: 07 Jan 2014 14:24

Booking for 15th Feb Engage Worship Day in Luton is now closed.  You will be able to get tickets on the door, but workshops will be limited due to room capacities. We recently did an interview with Jo Squires from BIG Ministries on the topic of All Age worship, which fits in really well with the Engage Day theme of engaging EVERYONE in worship.  Check it out! We're excited to have contributors from BIG Ministries, LST, Junk Tank and the engageband preparing workshops and items for the gathered worship, which will really offer something for everyone, whatever age and whether they are...

Looking for that special gift for the people who love worshipping God in innovative and creative ways?  Look no further... Engage with God DVD This 60 minute disc contains 5 extended worship reflections, in a contemporary and engaging style.  Martin Saunders of Youthwork Summit said: "An incredibly versatile resource that could genuinely lead you, your small group or your church into a deeper engagement with God. I love it." Engage with God Creative Journals vols 1&2 At just £3 each (or 5 for £12) these make ideal stocking-fillers for people who want to connect with God in creative ways.  A4, 16-page books with full-colour, interactive...

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Posted: 16 Sep 2013 10:09

London School of Theology interviewed a bunch of musicians, thinkers, LST students and staff to find out their responses to the question 'what is worship?'  The following video could make a great service opener, discussion-starter or even something to send people out at the end of a meeting, to worship with their whole lives.  Thanks LST for sharing!  

Engage With God DVD
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