Worship Responses to Refugee Crisis

We are sure many of you are considering how you can worship in the light of the refugee crisis across Europe.  Below are some links you might find useful.

  • We have just posted a video using the song 'You are a Refuge (Arms)' which churches can download for free and use in services
  • This prayer idea called 'If we stay silent', based on the story of Esther, could fit in some contexts
  • These 'War sound effects' may help you to intercede for Syria
  • 24-7 prayer have some very useful articles and links
  • The Church of England are always quick to post topical, thoughtful prayers in a crisis.  They produced the meme below.


In addition, many have found this video by Krish Kandiah helpful in thinking biblically and practically about these issues.

Recent news updates:

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Posted: 01 Jul 2015 16:50

We're pleased to announce that starting Summer 2015, Sam and Sara (who are employed to lead engageworship.org by MWF) will be living with their kids in Sara's native Sweden for one year.  Our trustees feel this is an ideal time for us to be located outside the UK, giving us the opportunity to: develop new online resources; create new physical resources, such as a new book project for LICC; forge links with churches and networks for training in Scandanavia (if this interests you then click here); continue to...

Posted: 15 May 2015 10:12

We loved teaching at the LICC event "Worship Matters: Leading Sunday's Worship with Monday's Frontline in Mind".  We got to explore principles and ideas for relating gathered worship to everyday life, with a great crowd of engaged practitioners. If you missed it, you can watch the whole livestream below. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 16:04

We had a fab time at Spring Harvest Minehead 2 over the Easter weekend.  It is always a great place to engage with God as a family.  This year we had the privilege of leading worship for the 5-7 year-olds in the morning (singing, among other things, Words Are Not Enough by BIG Ministries).  We also led some all-age sessions in the afternoon; a Good Friday service for all the family, featuring modular prayer-station bags which we posted here, and  an 'Engaging with the Bible as a Family' session, which we've written up with...

Posted: 24 Feb 2015 09:16

We had a fantastic time at the Engage Worship Day on the 21st of February. Leaders, volunteers and guests all contributed to a restful and nourishing time. Read the full report here. The pictures below are from the prayer stations.

Posted: 12 Jan 2015 09:13

We're really excited about the Engage Worship Day for 2015 happening on the 21st Feb in Luton!  Here's a little teaser promo you can share: <br> Our theme will help us strip away some of the good-but-not-essential elements which crowd in on our church services, and focus us on the heart of worship.  We'll be exploring simplicity, reflection and sustainability in worship ministry.  The afternoon workshops are very practical, covering all the instruments and also issues of planning and leading worship.  Plus the main auditorium will be left as a quiet, reflective space, for those who want to treat the day more...

Engage With God DVD
Engaging with the Bible as a Family
Bible Refs: Deut 6:6-9
At Spring Harvest 2015 we did a session on Engaging with the Bible as a Family.  Below are the slides and some fuller notes and references to other resources. We began...
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