Introduction to Pause/Pray

Welcome to PAUSE/PRAY - a collection of guided audio reflections, full of biblical truth, prayers and original music.

Each episode was written either for daily-life contexts such as work and sleep or as reflections on particular bible passages. For Season Two, Sara has written prayers which involve our physicality - embodying our thoughts and devotion before God (if there is a movement she invites you to take that doesn't work for you, adapt to whatever you find comfortable).

We have imagined you putting on your headphones and taking a moment to be with God, wherever you find yourself. That might be as you wake up or go to sleep, on your commute to work or school, or during a coffee break or lunch time.

Aside from personal prayer, these reflections could also be used in a family devotional time, a small group or even a church service. 

We'd like to thank Dan Brooks for the beautiful music he has created for Season Two.

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