Introduction to Pause/Pray

Welcome to PAUSE/PRAY from engageworship. This is a collection of audio Bible reflections, featuring original music, guided prayers, and themes related to Bible passages and daily life. 

We have imagined you putting on your headphones and taking a moment to be with God, wherever you find yourself. That might be as you wake up or go to sleep, on your commute as you go to work or school, or during a coffee break or lunch time. The reflections are of different lengths, so check to see what will work with the time you have available.

Aside from personal prayer, these reflections could also be used in a family devotional time, a small group or even a church service. You might find it helpful to have a journal, a pen and a Bible to hand.

To get all the latest reflections subscribe to Pause/Pray on iTunes or other Podcast apps such as Stitcher or Overcast. These are also available to stream on Spotify, or by clicking below, and following the "click for more" links to access downloadable versions, introductory texts and more.

Here are a couple of reviews from iTunes: