Sunday services can be one of the most stressful, hurried and intense times of our week - but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way! This eBook is designed to work alongside The Rest Is Worship, and contains practical ideas and guidance for leading your congregation into restful gathered worship.

There are chapters on restful sung worship, prayer ideas, contemplative worship, silence, leading children and teenagers in restful worship, and more. At the end is a sketch for a six week The Rest Is Worship series, which you could run in Lent or at another time of year.

The book contains four new songs written for this project (see videos below). Buying the book gives you free download access to resources for these songs, plus prayer PowerPoints and other resources. The book also contains links to lots more song ideas on these themes.

“We live in a rest-deprived world. More than that, we belong to a rest-deprived church. Sam and Sara understand this. And they know the One who says ‘Come unto Me and rest.’ Rest and worship belong together.” The Revd. Dr. Stephen Hance, Co-Head Church and Networks, Church of England

If you want other members of your church team to have copies of this eBook we're offering generous discounts when you buy licenced copies. The PDF licences give you permission to email or print out as many as you pay for, at increasingly reduced prices.

Looking for the downloadable resources? Visit this page and enter the code from page 6 of the Leaders' Resource eBook


The Four New Songs: