This is a poem based on Psalm 36, wondering at God's faithfulness and power. It could work well with images on a screen reflecting some of the pictures painted by the words, or you could just let them speak for themselves.

Excerpt from the poem:

We gaze into the heavens, Lord,
and wonder at the reach of your enduring love.

We make shapes out of the clouds, Lord,
and marvel at the many ways you show us you are faithful.

We stand in the shadow of the mountain, Lord,
and recognise that your righteousness is solid as a rock

We plumb the depths of the sea, Lord
and see that the wisdom behind your judgement is so much deeper, still.

People and beasts, alike, our lives are in your hands.
You are life. Our life.

So we watch the light bounce off of diamonds, Lord,
and find that your enduring love is worth so much more.

We tremble at what threatens to destroy us,
and find refuge in the shelter if your wings...

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