Evergreen is a new project by Engage Worship.

We want to establish a community of young worship leaders (18-35 years old)* pursuing a fruitful worship ministry (employed or volunteer) that is not cut short by withering emotional or spiritual health.

Being a worship leader is a valid calling - a vocation that shouldn’t come with an
expiry date of burn-out or moving on to a “real job”.

We long to see worship leaders flourish in their calling to serve God and the church, young disciples who are protected from isolation and burnout, and who together would grow in leadership, maturity and resilience.

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*Why the age limit? Engage Worship has served the breadth of the church for over a decade. Our events and resources have always been open to all, and we love to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Alongside this continuing ministry, we have identified a pressing need for those who are in the “young adult” category to be mentored and discipled. Rates of burn-out and job dissatisfaction are too high among these emerging leaders. We are committed to cultivating strong roots for those at the beginning of their ministry, and we hope that, if you’re older than this bracket, you’ll join us in praying for and supporting these 18-35 year olds in their growth.