This is a poetic re-write of Psalm 138. It is written in quite standard scan and rhyme, with a recurring chorus, so you quite easily set the lyrics to a tune. Or it could simply be read as a piece of poetry, or used in a responsive way.

It interprets the "gods" as the contemporary idols of money, sex and power. The inclusion of the word "sex" in the chorus makes this quite an adult theme, but if you were using in an all-age context you could substitute this with another word ("fame"?).

The verses reflect on the realities of struggle and the choice to trust in God.

Extract from the poem:

The gods are all around me,
I know each one by name:
Money, Sex and Power,
their promise is the same.
But only you deliver,
only you come through.
So now, here, while they're watching;
I give my heart to you.

I thank you for your faithful love
I celebrate your power
that strengthens me when I am weak,
hour after hour.
I sing with kings who praise your ways
for they have seen your glory,
and when the humble stumble
you are there to change their story.

The gods are all around me...

When enemies pursue me
when trouble stalks my path,
your strong right hand protects me,
your steadfast love will last.
So make me what you made me for,
dream your dream in me
demonstrate your purpose, Lord
for all the world to see.

The gods are all around me...

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