This is an imagined scene based on Moses' words in Deuteronomy 4:9 instructing the Israelites to tell what they had seen to their 'children and to their children after them'. 

Extract from the script:

Stage set with armchair centre stage. 

Two children (boy and girl between 8 and 12 years old) are on stage, Stage Right, putting on shoes, excited to go out to play. As they stand up, Mother comes in Stage Left.

Mother: Tom before you go out to play say hello to your Grandad, he’s come over for a cup of tea.

Tom: Ah but Mum we were just about to go outside!

Mother: Just say hello it won’t take long!

Tom (to Sarah): Right, you need to know - my Grandad likes to tell his ‘stories from the Exodus’ and if he starts one then we’ll be here for hours. So, when we say hello don’t mention the words: sea, parting, fire, cloud, commandments or cucumbers.

Sarah: Cucumbers?!

Tom: Yeah he gets a bit angry when you mention cucumbers…

(Grandad enters SL.)

Grandad: TOM! Oh Tom my boy, say hello to your Grandfather!

(Tom dutifully goes and hugs his Grandfather.)

Grandad: And who is this?

Tom: This is Sarah, Grandad.

Grandad: Hello Sarah how nice to meet you. Now don’t let me keep you both from playing, I’m just going to go and sit over here in my favourite chair.

Sarah: Oh my Grandad likes to sit by the fire too! Whoops…

(Tom puts his head in his hands then looks at her annoyed, Sarah mouths ‘sorry’.)

Grandad: Ah fire… You know what that reminds me of? 

Tom: (Looking up to ceiling) Oh here we go…


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