This service is designed around the congregation moving between three different 'stations' for the middle part of the meeting, and then coming back together for two final sections. The service could be started with sung worship, and perhaps reading Psalm 29. When beginning the middle section, be as clear as possible as you explain the stations. I find that scripting helps cut out rambling!

Make each station as attractive s possible, with enough space around them to avoid the walkways becoming blocked. You may like to have some quiet music playing in the background.

You can download directions for each station, along with Scripture verses, challenges and prayers above (feel free to just use one or several of the stations, rather than using the whole service). Here follows set-up instructions and an explanation of each station.

1. Water is for drinking.

Have a bowl full of iced water with glasses around it. There are challenges to drink and be satisfied and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

2. Water is for washing.

Set out a few (perhaps old-fashioned) wash bowls and jugs, nice soap and soft towels. There are various Scriptures around this table referring to washing. Provide a number of people here who are prepared to pray for those who ask for it.

3. Water is for walking on.

Pour water into a large plastic box (like an under-bed box) and put a toy boat in. Provide:

  • cut-out paper people about 15cm tall (simple outlines of people: a simple way of doing this is to make a people paper chain so that you only have to cut out one shape. Unfold the chain and separate the people)
  • squares of polystyrene, about 5cm2 (ceiling tiles are cheap and the right thickness. It's best to cut them with a sharp knife. Be aware that this is very messy!)
  • cocktail sticks

Encourage people to write their names on a paper person and attach it to a cocktail stick (like a sail - weaving the stick through the person) and stick it into the polystyrene, allowing the paper person to float freely. Have one prepared in advance so people can see how it's done. There are challenged provided for this station which encourages people to 'get out of the boat' and move out of their comfort zones.

4. Water is for soaking in.

At this point call people back to the main meeting area. Announce the next two titles either by just saying them or by using power point.

In this section, have an extended time of sung worship with Bible readings (perhaps sections of Eph. 3:14-19), and space for the congregation to respond with prayers, readings or silence. By this point people may have something to share that they felt God saying to them whilst moving around the previous stations.

5. Water is powerful.

End on a strong, powerful prayer for the world. You may want to include in your prayer the theme of God being like a wave, washing away injustice, pain, hatred, fighting etc. Then send people out ready to serve our powerful God, having been washed, had their thirst quenched and had a good 'soak' in his presence.