A new worship song, written and recorded for our Resurrection People resource. If you buy the Church Service Pack you get the actions and lyric videos included in the price - alternatively you can pay for the videos on their own here. MP3 also available for purchase.

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Timo did the instruments and production, Gemma supplied the vocals.


Easter doesn’t stop on Friday, 
when Jesus died for you and me,
when he gave his life as a sacrifice:
but Easter doesn’t stop there.

Easter doesn’t stop on Saturday,
when Jesus lay dead in his grave,
when the people thought: was he really God?
But Easter doesn’t stop there.

So I won’t stop either, telling the whole, great story of Easter.
No I won’t stop either, living out the true story of Easter.

Easter doesn’t stop on Sunday,
when Jesus walked out of the tomb.
What a great surprise, he was raised to life!
But Easter doesn’t stop there.


Easter is a new beginning
to fix what’s broken in this world.
Sing it loud today, Jesus made a way.
Yeah, Easter doesn’t stop here.

Words and music © Timo Scharnowski, admin. ChurchSongs.co.uk
Please remember to report any photocopies, projection or streaming on your CCL license. CCLI # 7190357.