Advent Candle walking liturgy

Written By:
Chloe Axford
Themes: christmas, advent
Bible Refs: Heb 10:23, 9:6, John 3:16, Luke 1:14, John 1:4-5

This simple interactive Advent candle liturgy involves the whole congregation and uses the whole church. It offers an alternative take on the traditional lighting of the Advent crown on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

Beforehand set up an “Advent candle” station in each of the four corners of the church – one for each Sunday of Advent. Use large candles decorated with holly and ivy etc.

Make four labels out of card, one saying HOPE, one saying PEACE, one saying LOVE and the other saying JOY. Place one by each of the candles.

On the final piece of card write LIGHT OF THE WORLD – this is for the candle to be lit on Christmas Day at the front of the church.

Please sign in to download a PDF of the liturgy, and prayer ideas for each week.

Chloe Axford lives in Devon with her husband Nick and kids. They are volunteer worship leaders at their church and run an alternative worship stream in the evening service called Creative Space. Chloe spent two years working in creative arts ministry at a church in London and now works as a journalist (when not dreaming up imaginative uses for tea lights, post-it notes and stones).

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Alethea Hartwell
20 Dec 2010 06:37
I used a modified version of this at my MOPS meeting last week. It went great! The ladies loved it and I was able to share God's message of salvation with them in a creative way. thanks so much for the great idea! ;O) - Alethea
robyn ballard
12 Sep 2012 04:32
Please tell me how to download the liturgy and prayers
Sam Hargreaves
12 Sep 2012 08:58

If you are signed in, there is a box above right which says 'Attachments'. Under that it says 'Advent Candle walking liturgy'. Right click on it and choose 'Save link'. You can then save it on to your computer.
Ros Holt
04 Jan 2013 17:05
This idea was very well received at my church. I invited people (all ages) to stand when they had written (drawn)their themed prayers, share together in the prayer on the screen, then come and place their prayers on the appropriate table.
Shelly Conlon
10 Dec 2013 17:32
What a beautiful idea! Thank you!
Lois Miller
29 Nov 2015 01:42
Thank you for this outline. I am modifying it for my Elf on the Shelf to use each Sunday of Advent on social media. (I plan to use the word, the verse, and the prayer.) My intent is to remind my friends of the real meaning of Christmas and to reach ones who don't hear that message otherwise. Thanks again.
Deb Stevens
12 Sep 2016 03:44
How do you do this in a large church? It would take a good chunk of time to have everyone participate. I'm a visual learner so maybe I just don't understand how you accomplished this with the whole congregation participating.
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