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Whole Church Worship

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Whole Church Worship is an exciting new resource from Engage Worship, available now as physical copies and ebooks here.

In contrast to dividing by age or style, Whole Church Worship seeks to celebrate our diversity and unite us in our differences. Our approach to intergenerational services echoes the Apostle Paul’s teaching that the Church is one body, made up of many different parts (1 Cor 12). The fact that those parts are diverse and unlike one another is a reason for joy, not a reason to divide. We know that people have different ways in which they like to worship God, and we feel that is something to celebrate, not something to split over. 

The Church Service Pack contains eight adaptable service plans for intergenerational worship. Included are interactive prayers, participative Bible readings, accessible teaching, active responses and more - to unite and engage across ages and styles.

Themes include:

Love One Another, God’s Wonderful World, Healthy Emotions, The Cross of Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Sent Out To Share. These services can be used at any time, but we have also included suggestions for connecting with the church year and other seasons.

An eight page introduction outlines principles and tips for leading intergenerational worship, helping you to create a culture of whole church worship in your setting.

Downloadable resources:

Six new songs are printed in the back of the book - listen to these on Spotify or watch the full YouTube playlist. These songs are included with over 100 items of downloadable material which accompany this resource. The downloads include handouts and editable scripts, videos, PowerPoints and other media you can use for streaming and in-person services.

See some of the song videos below: