This 'Lectio Divina' style meditiation was used at Youthwork the Conference. It makes use of a cool online presentation builder called Prezi (go to to see other people's or create your own, for free!) You place words, images and video on a canvas, and then scroll around the screen, zooming in on preset areas. The creative possibilities for liturgy, bible readings, notices, (songwords?) are pretty much endless!

Lectio Divina is an ancient art of Bible meditation (see wikipedia for a fuller explaination). This guided meditiation takes you through reading and hearing the passage a number of times, then reflecting on the parts which jump out to you. The Youthwork DJ Steve Leach played a track by Jon Hopkins over the top (hear it on You Tube), but you could use another piece of music or none. We had two people doing off-stage voice over, one doing the instructions and the other reading the selected passages from Psalm 119 (see the pdf for a full script).

To use yourself - download the zip file from the downloads box above. Unzip the folder, but keep everything in the file. If you don't have it already, you may need to download Flash Player to view your file. Once you've done that, open the unzipped folder, and click on the icon marked 'prezi'. You can drag it over onto an extended desktop if you want, and full-screen the show using the icon on the bottom right. Use the arrows on the screen, or tab and backspace to advance through or back in the presentation. Go to for fuller instructions. Better still, make your own and email us the link!