Like us, you probably spend time either lamenting the lack of creative and interesting backgrounds for word projection in church, or searching the Internet for high quality, copyright free pictures. The quickest way to avoid the puppies-and-sunsets syndrome in church is of course to take your own pictures. This way you can take pictures that are truly relevant to your community (our friend Damian, who lives in Birmingham, gets really frustrated with all the rural pictures that tend to pop up behind songwords, when this is so far from his community's day-to-day life).

I've attached a few pictures on the theme of 'Light' which Sam has taken (mainly during Christmas breaks in candle-obsessed Sweden), which we've used in a variety of contexts. What we really want to know is: are you a keen amateur photographer? Have you taken pictures than you found helpful in church? If you want to share them with the (today, May 2009) 650 person strong community, email them to us and we might well share them around! (please save them the size of a ppt slide at 72dpi so the files aren't enormous).

NB. The pictures here are just thumbnails, download the attachments to get the larger pictures!