In time for Valentine's Day comes this poem about God's love, a profound subject that doesn't fit in a fluffy, pink card. Take some time to read this poem, to yourself or to your congregation, and reflect on the depth, height and width of God's love.

God is love:
it's definition - its defining.
Before creation's Word
breathed potential into humanity's one flesh -
God was love

God is love,
faintly echoed in his reflection:
Hagar and Ishmael, Jacob and Rebekah,
Naomi and Ruth, David and Jonathan.
Within our grasp; limited, partial-
yet gently coaxed, nurtured and nourished by the Devoted Three

God is love,
incarnated in dependency and vulnerability-
completing our potential.
Life and love in all its fullness:
fleshed out, exposed, experienced in life;
freely given, consummated, glorified in death;
confirmed, vindicated, released in resurrection.

God is love:
Eternally United in purpose, nature and being -
seeking, saving, embracing,
empowering, weeping, giving,
preferring, serving, responding -
through that final day when death and decay cease,
and all Resurrection's heirs assemble:
fully experiencing, perfectly knowing
God is love