This is an expression of faith based on Peter's sermon in Acts 2. We wrote it for a Pentecost service published on Patreon by Liturgy Fellowship - you can access the full service here.

We believe in Jesus of Nazareth,
shown to be from God by his signs and power,
handed over to us in the plan of God,
crucified by our sinful hands.

We believe in Jesus Christ,
raised by God from the dead,
freeing him from death’s power:
for death could not hold him.

We believe in Jesus the Exalted,
ascended to the right hand of God,
who received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit,
and has poured this Spirit on his people.

We believe, we repent,
we receive God’s forgiveness.
We believe, we rejoice,
we receive God’s Holy Spirit. Amen.