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Footnote 98 - "In the Beginning" prayer by Mark Earey.

Footnote 100 - "We Are One In Christ" poem.

Footnote 102 - "Blessed Be Your Name" intro liturgy.

Footnote 111 - "Psalm 96 revisited" by Bob Hartman.

Footnote 113 - "Psalm 67 interactive prayer and praise reading".

Footnote 133 - "Scribble Sheets".

Footnote 144 - "Simple song for intercessions", and "Praying through Christmas Carols".

Footnote 146 - "Stained Glass Prayers".

Footnote 156 - "Worship and Justice Confession".

Footnote 162 - "Environment Confession".

Footnote 206 - "All I Am" video.

Footnote 227 - "Blessing based on Phil 1:3-11".

Footnote 232 - "Romans 12 interactive reading".

Footnote 234 - "Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength Prayer" by John Leach.