This book combines the service outline format of Worship in the Waiting and Wilderness with our passion for Outdoor Worshipto give you ten sessions of engaging with God in the woods.

It is always good to connect with God's creation, but in the current climate where indoor gatherings are limited we feel that many more people may be open to trying worship in nature. These sessions follow a recongisible format (gathering praise, Bible activities, prayer responses) but do so in ways that are indigenous to meeting in the woods or some other outdoor space. There are physical games, outdoor activities, nature facts and space for discussion, ensuring that these are truly "all-age" sessions. 

For the past four years we have been leading a group that meets regularly in a local park to worship, and our co-leader Jeremy Williams has collaborated with us on this book. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the natural world and a passion to care for God's planet. You can be sure that the ideas have come out of our experience of leading this kind of worship regularly.

These ideas take minimal preparation, and you don't need to be in a national park or other area of outstanding beauty. Any wooded area would work, even a garden or churchyard with a little wild space. Each session focuses on a different topic: Trees; Light; Roots; Fungi; Leaves; Seeds; Flowers; Fruit; Water and Birds.

The book does not come with linked videos and PowerPoints as some of our other resources, but downloadable, printable handouts are included within the price.