We were recently interviewed, along with 14 other families from across the UK, about how we do worship and prayer with our kids as a family. The resulting book is really fantastic, so we wanted to make it available here!

Authors Ed and Gareth not only draw out useful, realistic principles from the different families, but also provide a biblical basis for family worship. This book really is ideal for anyone wanting to develop a devotional life at home. It is easy to read, visually engaging and suits the average family (no super-parents here!).

‘This book is packed with stories from everyday families and gives great ideas to help us all as we pass on our faith to our children. I loved reading this and know that you will too. Buy it and keep it in the kitchen to refer to and let your children read it too.’
Mark and Lindsay Melluish, Authors of Parenting Children, and Regional Director of New Wine.

‘These very personal stories, simply and honestly told by parents from a variety of backgrounds, create a lovely mosaic of family devotional times. Bookended by the biblical insights that begin the book, and the practical tips at the end, they are a real encouragement for families to just ‘have a go.’
Bob Hartman, Author of The Lion Storyteller Bible.