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Creative ideas to explore the themes of Lent and Easter with the whole family. This resource delves into the biblical stories connected with this season, and allows everyone to engage with them by making use of all kinds of creative approaches: writing, messy play, cooking, drawing, poetry, singing, listening, chatting... and more! Each theme is simple enough for the youngest, but has enough depth for parents and older children to gain from it too, and there is a worshipful, reflective approach which incorporates things like prayer, confession, intercession and thanksgiving.
Themes include fasting, prayer, wilderness, temptation, and there is a five-part section on Jesus' words from the cross, helping your family to engage wit the reasons why Christ died. Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday all have specific activities, and each can be adapted depending on the abilities and personalities present.
We've asked some of our friends who are experts with Childrens' and Families ministry to take a look as we've developed these resources. Here is some of their feedback:
"It's great to have such a brilliantly produced, well written and positive resource to help families of all ages to focus on Lent."
Jo White, Children's Ministry Director, Stopsley Baptist Church

"I love this idea - a practical way for families to explore and deepen faith together. Clever ideas, engaging design - and some genuine depth. I've never seen anything like it!"
Martin Saunders, Deputy Chief Executive, Youthscape

"A wonderful resource filled with imaginative activities for families to explore together, meeting the needs of different learning and spiritual styles."
Jane Brooks, Child and Family Champion, Cambourne Church

Below are some lo-res previews of some of the pages. Digital downloads are available FOR FREE from here.