This book is available now!

Help your family explore their emotions in the company of Jesus. Why do we feel the ways we do? How can we process difficult emotions? What does Jesus and the Bible have to teach us about emotional health? All of these topics are explored in fun, creative and accessible ways. 

The 32 page, A4 book combines colourful design by Becca Smith (who also designed our Family Prayer Adventure Journal) with drawings of Jesus from Luiza Chandy. There are stories, activities and plenty of space to write, draw and generally make the book your own.

This is a topic that Sara has had on her heart for a while, and launching it into the challenging contexts of 2020 seems very timely. We are so grateful to all the people who supported this project through our 2020 Crowdfunding campaign.

You can also buy a PDF Licence, meaning you can email download links, or print out for families in your church, kids club, school etc. The more you purchase for the cheaper it gets (little as £2 each).

Sara wrote and article for the Mind and Soul Foundation about the process of creating this resource, read it here. She also participated in a webinar run by Faithful Generation which you can watch below.

Below are some preview pages.