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Longing for a framework that helps us see worship as more than just singing a few songs? Hungry for a biblical and Christ-centred approach to worship as gathered praise, personal response and whole-life devotion?  'How Would Jesus Lead Worship' is a fresh look at worship from the angle of how Jesus both leads and inspires our praise. 

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Now with this free study guide you can explore the book as a worship team, leadership or home group!  This downloadable, six session study has opening activities, discussion questions around relevant Bible passages, help to enable your group to work through the application in your own context.  Download the guide and get hold of enough copies of the book so you and your team can work through it together.

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The opening chapter the book explores how Jesus makes it possible for us to join him in praising the Father, by the Spirit.  This is a releasing and exciting concept!  It explores topics like the Trinity and the Incarnation in worship, and is based around the book of Hebrews.
The second (larger) section of the book focuses on Jesus’ life in Luke, asking how we can be inspired to lead worship in a Christ-like way.  It holds the tensions between four sets of values - how we might be inspired by Christ to be:

Humble Servants, whilst also being
Leaders with Authority, and developing our skills as
Creative Communicators, whilst being
Reliant on the Spirit.

Informal, engaging and fun, it invites you to experience worship with Jesus at the centre through practical ideas and activities, whilst always wanting to go deeper and ask some of the hard questions.  It springs from our training at London School of Theology, and our practical experience of developing worship amongst local churches.  It is intentionally aimed at anyone wanting to go deeper and broader in worship in a local church context, whether they be a church leader, worship team member or passionate congregation member.                                                         


"Sam and Sara have spent serious time thinking and engaging with some of the key issues surrounding contemporary worship and their book is an insightful and thought-provoking read."
Al Gordon, Worship Central
"It keeps forgetting it’s a book on worship and keeps spilling over into God in us affecting the world around us! Oh… maybe that’s what worship is supposed to do???"
Geraldine Latty, Worship Leader, Songwriter.
“You ground your comments in a solid theological understanding of worship, both theory and practice; then you have great practical insights and suggestions.”
Chris Jack, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Morlands College.
"Theirs is a broad and generous approach to what counts as worship. None the less, music-group leaders are clearly in their sights, and there is wise advice here for those among them who want to develop in Christlike character and creative approaches."
Mark Earey, Church Times review
"The key theme of the book is that worship is about our whole lives, and we should be exploring creative new ways of expressing that worship, some way beyond what passes for a "time of worship" in many churches."
Martin Brasier, review
"Sam and Sara are real people leading real people in real places, rather than the rarefied bubbles of worship conferences and events. Their words have a weight not only because of this, but because they are listening acutely to the Word and the world."
Andy Flannagan, worship leader, song writer, Director of Christians on the Left