24 full-colour A4 pages of creative ideas to explore Advent with the whole family!  This resource delves into the themes and biblical stories connected with Advent and Christmas, and allows everyone to engage with them by making use of all kinds of creative approaches: writing, stories, cooking, drawing, poetry, singing, listening, chatting... and more!  Each theme is simple enough for the youngest, but has enough depth for parents and older children to gain from it too, and there is a worshipful, reflective approach which incorporates things like prayer, confession, intercession and thanksgiving.

Individual pages now available for pdf download - see here

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This resource is the third in our Engage with God: Creative Journals series.  We have brought the best of the previous journals, including the tactile and pen-friendly matt paper and the engaging, colourful design.  For the smallest there is even a hidden star to hunt for on every page!  

Each of the four weeks of Advent have three main activities, plus a host of 'bonus ideas' and suggestions of free online resources which can compliment the ideas.  In addition there is an 'Advent Calendar' idea to do everyday, and something special for each Sunday of Advent.

We've asked some of our friends who are experts with Childrens' and Families ministry to take a look as we've developed these.  Here is some of their feedback:

"I love this idea - a practical way for families to explore and deepen faith together.  Clever ideas, engaging design - and some genuine depth.  I've never seen anything like it!"  
Martin Saunders, Deputy Chief Executive, Youthscape

"A wonderful resource filled with imaginative activities for families to explore together, meeting the needs of different learning and spiritual styles."
Jane Brooks, Child and Family Champion, Cambourne Church

"We have to decide who will shape our families' approach to the Christmas season.  Here's a great resource to help the whole family prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ.  I warmly recommend it."
Krish Kandiah, President of London School of Theology; Director of Home for Good; krishk.com 

Below are low-res previews of some of the pages (these can be downloaded seperately here):