This product received a five star review from Youthwork Magazine.

A brand new DVD resource by the team. 5 guided worship meditations, each 12 minutes in length, lead you through a series of visual reflections. Featuring songs, prayers, Bible meditations, physical responses and more, in a style which is visually stunning and spiritually rich.  

As an added bonus you can also play any of the 10 mini-movies individually, making it easy to drop them into discussions, sung worship sets or to use as personal reflections.  Previews of the mini-movies are at the bottom of this page.

You can also download most of the mini-movies individually as Premium resources - follow the links below.

Each full movie is based around a different theme. Themes include - when God seems silent; his heart for justice; the Bible; giving your all in worship; reflecting on God’s character.

We imagine these being used in small groups, where it can be difficult to lead meaningful worship, and it would be convenient to make use of the TV and DVD player to engage with God. They are also ideal for youth meetings, and could be used in churches with a more contemporary approach.

The DVD has been manufactured by Elevation records, and features songs from and contributions from creatives.

This product was released in Easter 2013 - order your copy today at the reduced price of £12!  (Note - as a PAL DVD this product will not work in American territories.)

"An incredibly versatile resource that could genuinely lead you, your small group or your church into a deeper engagement with God. I love it."  Martin Saunders, Youthwork Summit

"Each video captured my attention and focus, drawing me into spending that time with God. All of the movies are visually beautiful." Gemma Wilkinson, Youthwork Magazine review


 You are Good and Forgiving film - on the DVD or individually downloadable here.

 Come Glorify the Lord film - on the DVD, or individually downloadable here.

 May the Lord Bless You film - on the DVD or individually downloadable here.

 Names of God film - on the DVD, or individually downloadable here.

All I Am video - on the DVD, or individually downloadable here.