This book is a collaboration between Sam & Sara at Engage Worship and Resound Worship. The book contains thirteen Bible studies on themes of worship, creation and environmental responsibility to accompany Resound Worship’s Doxecology album.

The book contains contributions from leading scholars and practitioners (including Jeremy Begbie, Rachel Wilhelm, David Taylor) alongside the Resound Worship team. This is a collection designed for personal devotion, small group discussion, and as a primer for preachers.

Also included are three Doxecology service plans created by us here at Engage Worship, with song suggestions, prayers, all-age activities, and more. PLUS buying the book gives you access to an online library of downloadable resources including PowerPoints and videos. For example, check out this fun Genesis 1 Rhyme Reading.

Buy the book here from us (with generous bulk discounts for your group or church - 10 copies at 15% off, 25 at 25% off). If you want ebooks or music books of this resource head over to Resound Worship.

Below is a 1 hour webinar with Sam and Joel Payne discussing the resource with Tim Fergusson from the Baptist Union.



Two of Sam's songs are included on the album: "God The Maker Of The Heavens" and "Where Are You In The Storm". All the songs have lyric videos, some of which are posted below.

The album has been beautifully produced by Matt Weeks and features instrumentalists and singers such as Troy Miller, Keiko Ying, Geraldine Latty, Gemma Scharnowski, Dan Wheeler and Mark Edwards. The arrangements are creative and engaging, while remaining accessible for church service contexts.

You can buy the CD, sheet music, backing tracks and videos by heading over to Resound Worship.