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Jesus invites us to come to him and rest. Being still creates a space where we can know God, glorify him and have our souls restored. In a world and a church which is often busy, distracted and striving, explore what it might look like to rest as an act of worship. 

"Sam and Sara are worshippers who let the Sabbath infuse their whole lives rather than spending their whole lives preparing for worship on the Sabbath. Join them on a journey of discovering the rhythms that might let you play your life with more groove and precision and also play better with others." Andy Flannagan, Worship Leader & Speaker

The Rest Is Worship

The Rest Is Worship contains 40 short chapters and could be used as a daily Lent book, or read at your own pace. Sara and Sam write from their own experiences of receiving God’s gift of rest in their family and church life.

The book contains stories, Bible teaching, examples and practical applications. Prayers, song lyrics and reflection questions are printed througout the book, offering space for you to respond. 

The book is written for every Christian who wants to explore rest. You can get hold of physical copies or eBooks, and bulk discounts apply so you can save money when buying for your church or small group.

Leaders' Resource eBook

This accompanying Leaders’ Resource eBook offers further resources and ideas for planning restful gathered worship.

There are practical chapters on restful singing, prayer ideas, silence, contemplation, play and fun, and engaging children in restful worship. 

The eBook contains four brand new songs, with sheet music and videos. The downloadable resources for these songs, plus additional prayer PowerPoints are included in the price of the book. 

The eBook concludes with a sketch for a six week The Rest Is Worship service journey, which you could run during Lent or another time of the year. 

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The Four New Songs: