In this episode, Grace and Sam are catching up with Noel Robinson, a songwriter, worship leader and producer. Besides talking about his recent projects, Noel unpacks a phrase that he sensed as God’s word for this pandemic season: ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ - a reset for the body of Christ. Throughout the conversation, Noel’s passion for the church and his wisdom from 20+ years of worship ministry shine through. An episode not to be missed! Links and reflection questions can be found on

Reflection questions

1. 'Control-Alt-Delete' describes the act of resetting an operating system, an opportunity to get back to the essence of something. What could or did that look like in your church? Are there some things that were right for a season but now need/needed to be 'shut down'?

2. Obviously churches do not operate like computers. What will be the unique challenges of steering into a different direction (pastorally, logistically, financially…)? 

3. Noel talks about an imbalance between music and story, the medium and the message. He says: ‘If the music is the vehicle to carry the story then in the past the music has become more important than the story.’ How would you assess the balance between medium and message in the worship of your own church?


Links & Resources

'We Seek Your Kingdom' Song

Noel Robinson Website