What does it mean to be an analog church in a digital age? In this episode we speak to Jay Kim about the balancing act that many churches currently find themselves in: Is ‘digital church’ here to stay? And if it is, will it eventually replace the physical ‘analog church’? Should it? Jay is a pastor at Westgate Church in Silicon Valley, California and has recently released his book ‘Analog Church’. Reflection questions for each episode can be found on engageworship.org.

Reflection questions

1. Whether digitally or not, can you think of ways in which your church may have pursued relevance at the expense of transcendence?

2. What is your big-picture understanding of online church? Is it a temporary compromise or a long-term convenience? 

3. Jay talks about a ‘Hierarchy of hybridity’. How ‘hybrid’ do you/your church want to be going forward? Where do you draw the line?

4. Jay says: ‘Technologies do not have an inherent morality. The problem is how humans leverage the technology.’ Can you think of specific examples that illustrate a good and bad ‘leveraging’ of technology in your church?

5. Jay gives the example of his church connecting with those who are not able to physically attend (food shop, phone calls). Given that some people may not be able to return to in-person gatherings, how could you ‘take church to them’?


Find out more about Jay Kim and his book 'Analog Church' here.