In this conversation with engageworship leader Sara and writer and activist Jeremy Williams, we are exploring a different way of worshipping which ‘disrupts’ our conventions and helps us to engage with a God-filled world.

​​​​​​Reflection questions

  1. The episode compares the different challenges and opportunities of outdoor and indoor worship. In your church context, what is at stake when considering outdoor worship? What specific challenges would it meet or present for your community?
  2. Grace mentions how as a leader, if we want to embrace outdoor worship, we have to learn how to ‘sit lightly on the potential chaos of children running around etc.’ What are the reservations you currently have about outdoor worship? Which ones are simply practical, which ones may be linked to a deeper need to be in control? Allow the Holy Spirit to meet you in that place.
  3. What specific resources and facilities are available to you? Do you have a church yard, a local park or forest where you could meet within the current Covid-19 guidelines? 
  4. Jeremy invites us to ‘give it a go’. What first step could you take with you community that begins to make outdoor worship more normal? You may want to think about a one-off event before you make it a regular event.


Jeremy Williams

'Worship in the Woods' book

Gary Thomas '9 Sacred Pathways'

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