In this episode, Grace and Sam talk to songwriters and worship leaders Geraldine and Carey Luce as well as Gemma and Timo Scharnowski about the role of sung worship during the pandemic. What impact will it have on our songs? What is so special about music anyway? What on earth can we learn from ‘Og of Bashan’?

Reflection questions

1. Grace gives the example of Jewish worship in the family context. Do you think there is a degree to which we have ‘de-skilled’ our congregations when it comes to personal and family worship?

2. If we as leaders have seen the opportunities in the ‘worship-disruption’, how do we respond if our congregations simply want to go back to how church was before the pandemic?

3. Sam challenges songwriters to be specific and relevant to their local community (and maybe even obscure). How could you champion indigenous creativity in your church?

4. Gemma reminded us of the Israelites and how their experience of captivity and redemption became part of their story and gave language to their worship. How could your story in the midst of lockdown and the pandemic shape your worship of God? Has it?



Geraldine Latty

Luce Music

The Forest Feeling