In this episode, Grace and Sam talk to Andy Flannagan (Songwriter, Worship Leader, Director at Christians in Politics) about rediscovering lament in our private lives as well as in our gathered worship.

Reflection questions:

1. Whilst we all experience and acknowledge the difficulty of the pandemic and lockdown, some of us find it hard to actually process our pain. Spend a few moments reflecting on the last 12 months. Which moments were most painful and why?

2. Grace said: ‘There is no thing we cannot say to God. He knows our hearts.’ Is there something on your heart of which you think: ‘I could not possibly say this before or even to God?’ 

3. Andy encourages us to find a space where we can talk out loud in all honesty. This can be a safe space where we can bring our raw and unfiltered self before God. Where could this space be for you? What time?

4. Grace asks: ‘How do we create space for our gathered communities to rage and to lament? (...) What does worship look like for a congregation that could be dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)’. As you call to mind the established routines and rhythms of your community (services, small groups, prayer meetings etc.) how could you/your leaders enable expressions of lament?

5. Andy talks about the prophetic role of a worship/church leader and it not being the same as a ‘cheerleader'. Have you sensed the tempation of this? Have we fallen into the trap of wanting to make our congregations feel happy (or even to ‘like’ us) at the expense of leaning into lament and vulnerability?


Andy Flannagan

Christians in Politics

Song: Psalm Covid 19

Song: There's A Time For Tears