Hannah Hodges (Nexus ICA, worship leader) and Peter Phillips (Centre for Digital Theology, Premier Digital) chat with Grace Sentamu Baverstock and Sam Hargreaves about embracing the opportunities of disruption for the future of gathered worship.

Reflection questions:

1. Pete talks about bringing in new people as part of your team, Hannah uses the word "participation" and Sam mentions the idea of sustainability. Are there people you have brought into your team, or who you could ask to make a contribution?

2. Hannah says this season has sent her worship team back to using the Bible, engaging with reflection and Lectio Divina. Has the Bible taken a new place in your worship over the past year?

3. There is conversation about those who do worship activities online with no connection with a local community. Is this an issue for you or people who you know?

4. Pete talks about a number of exciting projects, encouraging statistics about people's engagement with worship online, and some challenges for the future. Do you feel optimistic or nervous about the future of the church and worship? Explore your emotional reactions to these things. 


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Centre for Digital Theology

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