Grace and Sam have a chat about where the idea for this podcast came from, what is on their hearts for the future of worship and what you can expect from future conversations.

Reflection questions:

1. What has been life-giving in your personal and gathered worship during lockdown? Have you discovered new aspects of God's character through the last year? 

2. Has your worship during lockdown been "transmission" of what you've done before, "translation" on the new medium, or has there been space for real "transformation" or "disruption"? There are no right answers, but think about your journey so far and where you want to go from here.

3. Grace asks: how do we balance people's desire for the familliar and safe, with the challenge to explore new ways of worshipping? Which side of this tension is most natural for you - are you a pioneer or more hesitant to change? Where are people in your worshipping community at with this?

4. Who could you gather around you to start having conversations about the future of worship in your context?


Distanced Church free ebook edited by Heidi Campbell.

Here's an article with some resources for use as lockdown begins to ease.