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How Would Jesus Lead Worship Launched

On Saturday our?How Would Jesus Lead Worship?book and FREE video course were released into the world! We had to cancel the party, but Sara and Sam made a little video instead which you can watch to help us celebrate.

In these challenging times when we can't gather, this could be the ideal thing for your worship team. Perhaps on the night you usually meet to rehearse you could instead watch the videos from your own homes, then engage in an online forum or video chat to discuss the topics?

The book is also now available to buy as physical copies (with bulk buying discounts)?and/or PDF ebooks with group licences to share with everyone on your team.?

We have also made them available on a USB stick, if you would rather have them in your pocket or might struggle with streaming.

This is the culmination of a huge amount of work, and a result of all the generous crowdfunders who have given in to the project. Please pray for the impact of this course in local churches all over the world.

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Daily Family Prayer and Worship Ideas

From today onward we're going to be posting a daily prayer and worship idea for families. This seeks to resource the church while we're isolated in our homes. There will be simple ideas based around craft, movement, music, stories, play and more.

These will appear on our website on the page, and also on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (and Instagram if we can make it work...) You can use the hashtag #EngageAtHome to search on social media.

Do feel free to share these with friends and anyone else you think might find them helpful.

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Streaming, home worship and more

A number of people have been in touch to ask if they can stream or share online our worship ideas, prayers, videos, PowerPoints etc. The answer is yes. Please make use of our resources during this challenging period in the world.?

We've written an article with further ideas and links. These are designed to help you and the people in your church connect with God during the crisis. Do get in touch if you have further ideas, questions, or stories of what God is doing.

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