A poem based on the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. It reflects on our own experiences of wrestling and struggle.

Extract from the poem:

Jacob was alone by the river Jabbok;
it was growing dark
as a man stepped from the shadows
and wrestled with him until daybreak.

We may often find ourselves alone
by our own river Jabboks,
struggling to win through,
fighting to keep going.

Wrestling with our fears,
with our doubts and uncertainties,
with our questions and lack of answers,
with our past and our future.

In the lonely places,
on the paths of shadows,
in the times when we have nothing to distract us
from ourselves.

Wrestling to be the people
we wish we could be.
Wrestling with the realities,
with the lack of splendour in everyday life.

Jacob wrestled until daybreak,
and as the wrestling went on?
he realised he was struggling with God.
The God who was doing his best to bring change...

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