We created this lovely bit of bunting together with the fantastic crowd in Banbury Community Church the other week. The idea is that everyone gets to create one or many flags that represent their worship. Perhaps it's BIG and vibrant, small and detailed, dark and crumpled or any other style - but each person can express their personality and what they want to say to God on their flag. Together all the flags make a beautiful piece to decorate your worship space, and if your church is in the UK and part of a Diamond Jubilee celebration this coming weeking why not bring your worship out and decorate the streets with it?

To add an intercession element to this activity, you could ask everyone to also make a flag to represent someone that they're praying for to become part of your community, and adding them to the bunting as an act of prayer in faith.

We had great fun with this activity in Banbury, and it was brilliant seeing small children next to older people, all engrossed in the creative process.

You can download an instruction sheet above, or create your own instructions to fit your context.