This is a serious monologue from the perspective of an ageing "Wise Man", looking back on his experience. It takes in the "slaughter of the innocents" which occurred under Herod, with the Wise Man reflecting on his regrets about that terrible atrocity. He then muses towards what Jesus would think about the concept of an innocent being sacrificed in another's place.

Extract from the script:

I look back on it every year around this time. And I can't help but wonder - was it our fault? Did we start it? We'd been on that road all that time. Carefully following the charts, cutting a new path, drawing on Balaam's ancient prophecy. And what did we do? Fall at the last hurdle. We were looking for a good king so we went to see a bad king instead. Some might say we weren't to know, couldn't have imagined the fallout from that visit. But we can't deny what happened.

We weren't there afterwards, didn't hear the screams or smell the blood. We were just told. Stopped by a gasping, wild-eyed messenger as we journeyed back, I remember clambering off my camel, twisting my ankle as I fell, and being sick in the road. The other two, bantering happily a second before about the new king, turned and stared back at Bethlehem, their mouths twisted and hanging open like gashed windows. No one spoke for quite a while. Eventually we rode on in silence. Herod had worn a mask of mock wonder when we visited him, swore blind he wanted to worship this new king. Promised on his mother that he would go if we just popped back and let him know the whereabouts...

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