This is an interactive and all-age friendly version of the story of the Manna and Quail in the wilderness.

Break your crowd into three groups, one for the people of Israel, one for God, and one for Moses and Aaron. Teach each group their rhyming lines. You might want to project them on a screen to help each group remember. Then lead them in those lines at the appropriate time.

Angela Bryan made a PowerPoint to accompany this, which you can get from the downloads box. Thanks Angela!

Extract from the script:

Forty-five days after their escape from Egypt, the people of Israel were hungry. So they went to Moses and Aaron and complained.

People of Israel:
Meatpots in the morning,
white bread, wheat and rye.
We ate our fill in Egypt,
but now we're going to die!

So Moses went to God and told God what the people had said (as if God didn't know already!). And this is how God replied.

"Heaven's bread" at daybreak,
"Quail Surprise" at dusk.
I'll send enough for just one day
to teach my people trust.

There was an exception, of course. On the sixth day, the people had to collect two days worth of the food God sent, so they didn't have to do it on the Sabbath.

So Moses and Aaron went back to the people, who were still complaining:

People of Israel:
Meatpots in the morning...

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