This monologue reflects on one person's experience of struggle and holding onto God, using Psalm 126. It could work well on the Lectionary week of Advent 3, and also for a New Years Eve or Day service.

Extract from the script:

What a year.

I can hardly believe I've managed to get through it in one piece! It feels like everything that could have gone wrong... well... okay, I don't want to bore you with the gory details. But there have really been some tough spots and dark nights. Times I've wondered whether I'll make it through. And what state I'll be in if I do.

But do you know what I did when it was darkest? I mean... clearly, I did make it through this year... because its Christmas again! And I'm standing here to say I plan to enjoy every bit of it. So... do you know how I got here in one piece?

I clung on.

I didn't give up...even though the temptation was there. I didn't give in to those waves of uncertainty and fear. I had some scary moments last year, I can tell you. But I clung on.
I didn't just cling on to anything, though. I clung onto this promise:

"Restore our fortunes, Lord, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow with tears..."
... and here it comes "... will reap with songs of joy."

I clung on to that cry and that expectation above all. Lord... here's me... simply expecting you to restore my fortunes... to rescue me. And He did. I'm here to tell the tale.

But did I have times this year that I was sick of clinging on to that cry? When that expectation was wearing thin? When I didn't think I could keep going? You bet. There sure were times when the fading echo of my cry was louder than God's silence. So, here's what I did - do you want to know? Here it is...

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