This is a hymn for our Worship in the Waiting series. It is set to a familliar tune (GOD REST YOU MERRY) and unpack the themes of waiting for Jesus. The video comes as a free download as part of the Church Service Pack resource, or can be bought seperately here. You can use this video for online services (please report on tour CCL licence).

The lead sheet is provided here for free if you want to play this with your musicians. Please report any photocopying on your CCL licence.


We wait with great expectancy
to see your Kingdom come.
We trust your word to be fulfilled
and pray your will be done.
So in our world of ache and loss
we’re calling out, as one:

Come Lord Jesus,
we hunger and we yearn
for your return.
Come Lord Jesus, 
oh we pray for your return.

You came to us so long ago
and you will come again.
We long for heaven on the earth,
an end to grief and pain.
Lord, may our lives anticipate
and usher in your reign.

Come Lord Jesus,
we long to know you here,
come and draw near.
Come Lord Jesus,
oh we long to know you here.

So lead us in your patience, Lord, 
and help us match your pace,
to walk the straight and narrow road
in rhythms of your grace,
and may this Advent way of life
all hurriedness replace.

Come Lord Jesus,
and teach us how to wait,
you are not late.
Come Lord Jesus,
help us worship as we wait.

To the tune of GOD REST YOU MERRY, public domain.
Words © Sam Hargreaves, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd.
Please remember to report any usage on your CCL license. CCLI # 7162773