This is a group mime, adapting the Valley of the Dry Bones passage for a contemporary setting. It can be performed by a group of 2-8 people, and a narrator. Could also be set to atmospheric music.

Dave was inspired to write this after seeing something similar by Geoffrey Stevenson. We would like to thank Geoffrey for permission to print this adaptation.

Extract from the script:

The spirit of the Lord took hold of me
[The group begin standing in a line looking down, then they look up sharply as the narrator speaks]
and set me down in a busy street
[They freeze in poses of walking and talking, some on phones]
in a shopping precinct
[They make poses of buying and selling and browsing in shops, with various facial expressions]
in a local neighbourhood.
[In twos mime chatting, happy, sad or arguing, whilst leaning on fences]

And as I watched people came and went, ate and drank, worked and rested, laughed and cried
[Poses of eating and drinking, laughing and crying]
and the Lord said to me,
[All sharply look up and place a hand to right ear to listen]
'Summon the wind from the four corners of the earth.'
[Reach out and pull the approaching wind in, some to the front, others behind, others left and right]
'Tell it to breathe life into these bones.'
[Having pulled the air in, mime blowing it out and sweep right hand out towards the audience]...

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