This is a poem based on people's prejudice and rejection of Jesus in Mark 6. It touches on powerful and contemporary themes about division and judging others.

Extract from the poem:

They look at him and see what they want to see.
They easily create their boxes and put him inside,
contain the uncontainable in their own small world,
hem in the one who is larger than time and space.
They do what they always do -
pre-judge so they can keep change at bay.
Dismiss anything that might challenge their preconceived ideas.

He looks at them and sees their small worldview,
longs for them to open their eyes and soften their hearts.
He knows they are itching to dismiss him, but he cannot dismiss them.
He has come for this very reason - to open eyes and redeem worldviews,
to offer a bright new way to those trapped in the shadows of the old...

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