A mime delivered by a group of 3-10 actors and a narrator.
The group move from one still freeze to the next as described in brackets whilst the narrative is delivered.

Extract from the script:

On the night before Friday, not a moment too soon
(Group enter and freeze in a walking pose as if friends travelling together, talking, laughing etc.)
Jesus took his friends to an upper room.
(Group around an imaginary table and eat and drink)
They had a good meal and a real nice chat
(Make a different eating and drinking pose, those that were eating drink, those that drank eat)
and this is what happened right after that.

There was a hunk of bread on the table there,
(Person in centre of group mimes hold up bread, others look up at it)
so Jesus picked it up and he said a prayer.
(Person tears bread and passes it round)
Then he broke it in pieces and he said to them
(They mime eating the bread)
take it and eat it 'cause I'm your friend.

There was a cup of wine on the table too,
(Person holds up a wine cup and looks to heaven)
so he lifted that up and he said "Thank you."
(Pass cup round, each mimes drinking from it)
Then he passed it round, the wine was red...

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