This poem/prayer is based on the idea that Jesus was fully human and therefore knows what it is like to be one of us. It draws from Hebrews 4:14-16. You could use it as a response to a sermon or Bible reading, or as a reflection.

Extract from the poem:

Thank you, Lord, that you understand,
that you have lived this life,
known sweat, tears, frustration and sadness,
known wonder, laughter, satisfaction and joy.

You are not a God who has remained distant,
but one who has walked in this dust,
felt the heat and cold of the world,
warming and chilling your bones.

Thank you, Lord, that you understand,
you are a God who knows what it is to be human,
having lived through childhood and teenage years,
having worked and lived in oppressive times,
having been misunderstood and celebrated,
knowing what it is to have enough and to be empty,
knowing love and loss, hate and rejection.

Thank you, Lord, that you understand,
that you are one who can help us,
having drawn close, and known the ways of life,
knowing us better than we know ourselves,
understanding when we trip up yet again,
saying and doing the wrong things,
the harmful things, the ridiculous things...

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