These are two prayers based on John 1:1-14. The first is a paraphrase of the text in a participative prayer format. The second draws out the themes of the Word of God "speaking", and leads the congregation in praise. We have included PowerPoint versions of both prayers.

Extract from the first prayer:

At the start there was a Word, the Word.
This Holy Word was there with God -
ALL: This Word was God himself.

The Word was a creative Word - he made everything we now see. Everything.
ALL: There's nothing here that was made without him.

The Word was a living word,
ALL: shining with the light of life.

And the light he gives shines in even the darkest places,
ALL: no darkness is deep enough to put it out.

Once, when the Word decided to become part of the world,
the world did not see him for who he was.
ALL: He came to his own creation, but it did not accept him...

Extract from the second prayer:

Word of God, speaking creation into being,
bringing everything out of nothing, and order out of chaos,
your mark, your style is in everything we see:
ALL: We praise you for all you have made.

Word of God, speaking life into the barren places,
filling the empty with your Spirit,
raising the dead to live forever:
ALL: We praise you for the life you give to us.

Word of God, speaking light through the darkness,
dazzling in the depths of despair,
a light for our feet on dim-lit paths:
ALL: We praise you for the vision you give to us.

Word of God, speaking acceptance to us,
inviting without prejudice,
welcoming without question:
ALL: We praise you for the rest we find here...

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