These are two prayers based on John's prologue. The first is more or a paraphrase of the reading, whilst the second is a blessing which could be used at the closing of a service.

Excerpt from the reading:

You spoke, Lord, and light penetrated the darkness.
A good light. A strong light. A perfect light.
But we went astray, loving darkness rather than light,
so you sent your prophets, to call us back towards the light.

Yet still we were stubborn and afraid, ?
so you sent your son, to be the light of the world.
The light shining in the darkness,
and the darkness never overcoming it...

Excerpt from the blessing:

Lord, you have called us and brought light into our lives.
And now you ask us to be your light in the continuing darkness.
At times we may be like a small, fragile, flickering candle,
at times a bright strong, beam of light...

Help us this coming week to let your light shine through us
in our words and our actions...

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