Here are two poetic prayers, drawing on themes from Isaiah 35.

Extract from "Don't Give Up":

Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees.
Say to those with aching, fearful hearts,
"Hold on, don't give up! Your God is on the way.
The God of strength and justice, compassion and salvation."

Say to those who are struggling, those whose light is dimming.
To those whose blood runs cold at times.
To those who wonder about tomorrow.
To those who long for something better.

To those whose prayers have long dried up.
To those who cry from the depths of despair.
To those whose feet seem stuck in life's mud.
To those who labour and sweat to help others...

Extract from "Wilderness":

The wilderness will blossom, the desert will bloom.
The dry places will break out in songs of praise.

In the mountains and the valleys and the plains in between,
in the streets and the cities,
in the towns and the villages.

In the pubs and the churches,
in the sports stadiums and back gardens,
in the lounges and kitchens,
in the bedrooms and hallways.

At school, at work, and in the places of unemployment,
in the churches and pubs,
in the nightclubs and cinemas, in the alleys and back streets...

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