Here are two poetic versions of the Magnificat (Mary's song in Luke 1:46-55). One is in sonnet form, the other is an acrostic.

My soul is shouting that the Lord is great,
my spirit is rejoicing: God is best!
For he has seen me in my low estate,
from now on, everyone will call me blessed.
For mighty God has done great things for me,
his mercy is for those who love his name,
for he has shown his strength and majesty,
the proud in heart have all been brought to shame.
The mighty have been toppled from their thrones,
the weak and feeble seated there instead:
The rich sent off with nothing, all alone,
the poor and hungry welcomed in and fed.
For God remembers what he said before:
His promises to Israel, evermore.

My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in my saviour!
Generations will call me blessed,
Naming God as holy and mighty.
In strength he has scattered the proud,
Fed the hungry and left the rich empty.
Israel will see his mercy again.
Children of Israel, you know what he promised
Abraham and his offspring for ever?
This is happening now.