This poem connects Ezekiel's vision of a Valley of Dry Bones with our own experiences of lifelessness and hopelessness. It could be used as a reflection after a talk, or an introduction to a time of receiving God's Spirit.

Extract from the poem:

Those dry bones get everywhere.
In the workplaces and job centres,
in the homes and high streets,
in the schools and colleges.

Those dry bones get everywhere.
In the shops and sports arenas,
in the places of entertainment
and the centres of leisure.

Those dry bones get everywhere.
Sprinkling their lifeless dust,
sapping energy and draining hope,
confusing minds and sowing discontent

Those dry bones get everywhere -
but so does the breath of God,
and so does the hopeful life of the Spirit.

Gentle and powerful,
rushing and meandering,
transforming radically, and little by little,
resurrecting, encouraging, stirring, comforting...

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