This is a re-written version of the parable of the Unmerciful Servant. It uses a setting and language that people of all ages might understand today, to get across the point about the importance of forgiving others as we have been forgiven.

The story contains 6 key words or phrases which are repeated at different points throughout the story. Whenever the audience or congregation hear the key words they should respond with the appropriate noise or action. The story can be delivered by a narrator alone or a whole group may lead the responses from the front - such a group may be rehearsed or spontaneous. You may like to write down the responses on large cards which the group hold up whenever each key word occurs.

Big - Hold out hands to show a large size
Eggs - "Crack!" (and mime cracking egg?)
Supermarket - "Beep!" (and mime scanning at till?)
Pay - Pat pockets as if looking for money
Party - All cheer
Barry the Boss - Salute and bow

Extract from the script:

Once there was a cook called Cheerful Charlie, who worked for a rich man called Barry the Boss. One day Charlie decided to lay on a party for all his friends. So he went out to the supermarket and bought all the best food, caviar, haggis, champagne and lots of sticky toffee pudding. He bought twice as much as he needed, and he had a lot of friends so the bill was quite big. Too big for his own credit card. So when he came to pay he told the supermarket to put it on Barry the Boss's bill. As he pushed the trolley out to his car he bumped into one of his friends, Kev the Chef.

"Lend me a couple of eggs," pleaded Kev, "you've got loads there and I want to make an omelette for my tea." Charlie took a couple of eggs out of his basket and gave them to Kev the chef.

A week later Charlie had his party and all his friends were there, eating and drinking and having a good time. Suddenly the doors burst open and everywhere fell silent as Barry the Boss stormed in...

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