In this imagined scene, two onlookers begin to understand the deeper significance behind Jesus' actions in John chapter 6. 

Extract from the script:

1.     Do you see what I see?

2.     I see a lot of tidying up to do. There are more crumbs than if we’d fed them with croissants.

1.     No I don’t mean that. I mean Moses.

2.     What? Where?

1.     Over there.

2.     Think you’re mistaken mate. I’ll bet a fish butty to a veggie crumble that that over there – is Jesus.

1.     Yes, that’s my point.

2.     What?

1.     He’s starting to look a lot like Moses, isn’t he?

2.     How do you mean?

1.     Well, coming down a mountain with a new set of instructions, controlling the water, and now this – bread from heaven!

2.     But it can’t be Moses, we’ve seen him grow up, fix tables, mend roofs, that’s Jesus all right.

1.     Oh I know that. But I think the penny’s starting to drop.

2.     Pennies? Where? I could do with a bit of extra cash…

1.     About him. Moses was God’s man right?

2.     Yeah. You bet. Moses was the man!

1.     Right – so if Jesus starts looking a lot like Moses…

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